HQC Cookbook Additions

Call or see Gael at the next meeting to purchase a copy of the HQC Cookbook. Additions received after printing are listed below. Click the title to display the recipe you want to review.

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Salsa Dish, Joan S. (6/2016)
Shrimp/Cucumber Spread, Chris B. (6/2016)

7 Layered Salad, Connie K. (6/2016)
Crispy Bok Choi Oriental Salad, Jan M. (6/2015)
Grape Salad, Dottie E. (6/2016)
June's Green Junk, Ginny S. (6/2016)
Lemon Jello Salad, Janet A. (6/2019)
Sauerkraut Salad, Kathy R. (6/2019)
Strawberry Pretzel Salad, Julie S. (12/2016)

Main Course
Texas Hash, Shirley F. (6/2015)
Chicken Artichoke, Joyce J. (4/2016)

Banana Split, Joyce J. (6/2016)
Creamy Coconut Cake, Shirley F. (6/2018)
Coyote Droppings, Marlene C. (6/2016)
Dad's Cookies, Zoe S. (6/2016)
Libby's Pumpkin Roll, Janey M. (6/2015)
Mandarin Orange Cheese Pie, Sue D. (6/2016).
Rhubarb Cake, Joyce J. (6/2015)
Wonderful Caramel Brownies, Julie S. (6/2016)