About the Henrietta Quilt Club

Henrietta Quilt Club History and Guidelines

The Henrietta Quilt Club was organized in 1989 as an outgrowth of "The Thread and Thimbles Quilt Club" which began in 1974 and a subsequent club known as the "Bees". Meetings are held each Tuesday from 1 pm to 4 pm, beginning the first Tuesday after Labor Day and continuing through the middle of June. Meetings are not held when Rush-Henrietta Schools are not in session. Meetings are held in the Community Room of the Henrietta Public Library on Calkins Road, Henrietta, NY and are subject to the rules set by the Library. Copies of the Library rules are held by the Club officers.


Membership is limited due to meeting space. Basic knowledge of sewing and quilting is expected. If a person is a beginning quilter, it is recommended that they take a basic quilting course. The Club does not give lessons. A membership list will be available to paid members by the first October meeting. Updating will occur as needed.

Club Participation

Members contribute to the club by attendance and participation in projects. All projects (group or individual) are strictly voluntary. All members bring their own work supplies. The club has a general supply basket to supplement when needed. As a group we strive for growth in quilting at all levels, promote learning in quilting with fellow members, share information on upcoming classes and encourage sharing of information on shows

Community Projects

Opportunity Quilts: A committee chooses the block style/pattern and all HQC members are asked to make a block(s). Blocks are collected and assembled into a quilt. The completed quilt is donated to an organization determined by the committee for that group to raffle as a fund raiser. Project materials are either purchased with HQC funds or members are requested to contribute from their stashes. Opportunity Quilts are usually created and presented every two years (alternating with the HQC Quilt Show).

Comfort Quilts: Workshops are held at intervals throughout the year to assemble Comfort Quilts. As a separate initiative, quilt kits are sometimes put together and distributed to members to complete. Project materials are often donated, but may also be purchased with HQC funds. Contributions of Comfort Quilts completed outside of workshops by members and non-members are also appreciated. Quilt recipients for Comfort Quilts are determined by the committee.

HQC is also contacted periodically by agencies and asked to make pillow cases and bags.

Recommended Quilt Sizes for Comfort Quilts:
_ Baby quilts for the Teen Mothers Program - 40" x 40"
_ Youth & Adult quilts: 48" x 60" or 54" x 72"
_ Twin size quilts for VA patients, Hospice and Special Requests - 68" x 82"